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Almost done!

Journal Entry: Tue May 19, 2009, 12:56 PM
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Hey everyone I told you all that I was almost done making one cosplay well it's officially in the last stages!  I've sent it to my friend that has a serger.  Since I don't own one and she's doing the finishing touches on everything and then my other friend is doing some more painting and then finally I'll sew the lining in place!  I'm done finally!!  I am proud of myself and I got it done with plenty of time to spare!  Now I don't have to worry anymore about my cosplay for a bit anyways.  

Now onto some other news.  For those that do read my fanfiction on am sorry to say that my laptop is on it's last legs.  I love writing and all but I have to stop for the time being as I have no idea when my computer is gonna die on me and therefore no idea if I'll lose any of my writings.  So I'll just not write until I get a new laptop don't worry though most of it has been saved and sent to my beta to make sure everything is safe and sound in cyberspace.

Ja ne


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May 19, 2009