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An Update!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 22, 2011, 11:59 PM

Hey all!  I wanted to let you all know that I had fun at Ikasucon this year!  Yay for being able to go for all three days!  The heat was terrible though, it was trying to kill me I swear!  I wore Prince from Suikoden V on Friday and I was in line for like five minutes before I started to drown in sweat!  So sorry :icondreamscometroo:  There aren't any pictures of me in it yet, but Anime Crossroads is coming up in December!  Hopefully there is snow on the ground and I won't melt!  So here was the fiasco of the first day.  Got down to get in the registration line at about 2 o'clock.  Small con right not gonna be that long of a wait....wrong!  Three o'clock passes, I'm sitting on the floor already damn!  And the line has moved six inches, kill me now!  That was my thoughts for the next four hours.  I finally got my badge at six o'clock.  My friends I was gonna meet were already gone to go get dressed for the formal ball, ugh!  I was gonna go to the dealer's room and wander....but as I walked I started to get dizzy....I was about to have freaking heat stroke and I was in an air conditioned building....Too many people crammed up against each other I think!

Well I went up to my room and laid down on the bed.  Nice cool room set at like 60 degrees, I like!  Well I stripped off my cosplay and just let the air hit my body and and kinda had a bad crash as I just spent so long in the line and my blood sugar was crashing.  Ugh!  Well went to eat out of cosplay for obvious reasons, if I was boiling in an air conditioned place how would I deal with 90 degree temps?  Well that night :iconiyou-cosplay: and I planned to go to the formal ball so we got our Black Butler on!  I was kinda shocked at how many people stopped us though.  The Ball was an epic fail though.

The next day ball gown again but I loved it!  I had a nice breeze!!  That night I had Rave Naruto and I did a yaoi panel!  I love me some yaoi!  I was going to do Yuri from Red River on Sunday but I was so miserable and we had to pack the car up and all so I forgoed the cosplay for the day and walked the dealer's room one more time and found an awesome vendor there!  Her work is so awesome!

Well I'm thinking about going back next year not sure yet.  Depends if another convention comes to Indy or not for June.  If I can do in town cons then hell yes!  But after the holy hell that Ikasu was for me I sat and thought.  I wanted a winter con so what winter con is close to me?  That's right Ohayocon!  I'm officially going.  I've got the room reserved and my badge is pre-registered now.  First of all I have no idea what I'm gonna do for Ohayocon, I do know I'm doing Ciel in the ball gown.  That will feel so nice!  I just have to figure out how I'm gonna get there....hmmm must ask :iconiyou-cosplay: what hotel she is staying in and if the same one if we can carpool to the convention center together....driving+hoopskirt=no doubt accident....But I'm also thinking about doing Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing, he's my fave character and he's just so funny and I'm using a few things from my closet for it.  I just need to style the long ass wig and make the shirt so I don't die with it and a compression shirt on too.  But I'm taking Rave Naruto for the rave definitely.  And I'm thinking of doing something lolita and feminizing Naruto....

Well that one is actually after the next one coming up, uhh oops I got a little carried away ne?  Well the next one is Anime Crossroads which is December 16-18....a week before Christmas....oh joy...but no gas consumption!  It's a five minute drive sweet!!  But I plan to go as Ciel on Saturday as a huge group of Black Butler will be going on that day, on Friday I might do Prince or Duo depending on who I wanna give the love to.  But I will be doing some photos that day when I get home.  On Sunday I might do a lolita as I really love skirts now...which is odd as I hate wearing them usually, or I may do modern day Yuri from Red River as it is a complete closet cosplay....

Well Ja Ne everyone!!

This is where I put deviations I find that I think need more people to see!
Both of these people are cosplayers that went to Ikasucon this year btw!
This cosplayer scared the hell out of me when I first saw said person! I still think he did an awesome job on it!
:iconoutlaw-pride: The Rail Tracer: Appearance by Outlaw-Pride
Now this next person is getting put on here because he's like an honorary brother too me, he is so sweet and lovable, I could just cuddle him and be happy. But he did a cosplay that was just so freakin awesome that I bow before his feet to be taught by him!
:iconwolveblade: Rawr Baby by Wolveblade

My convention schedule is as follows:
Anime World Indy July 6-8 2012
Anime Crossroads December 7-9 2012


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