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Epic Fail and News

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 16, 2009, 9:55 PM

Alright everyone....that's it...I found some pics of me of my last cosplay....I don't mind them since I do know that I wasn't feeling good that day from lack of sleep and a long ass ride up to the con...but I was debuting a cosplay I made all myself, didn't commission a thing!  Yet no one recognized the outfit no one knew what version Naruto I was supposed to be other than like three people.  In my book that is an epic fail....I'm not retiring the cosplay but it's going to be put away for awhile until I can decide if it deserves another attempt or not.  

Onto the news, I've decided to actively look for local cosplayers again.  Going a year in between conventions is too long in my opinion and personally I hate having my gallery full of solo shots and they aren't really that good, imo.  So I'm deciding to call out to all cosplayers that live in the Indianapolis area, contact me!  I want to do some photos or a social gathering or make a group!  I'm tired of being alone, and my self esteem being stomped on because of my parental figure.  Doing this will give me something to do other than doing household duties.  I know that my cosplay closet is all one anime but I'm working on a few for other animes but it's gonna take awhile like everything does.  If anyone that frequents my page knows anyone that lives in my area point them in my direction!  All I want to say is the person should be open to yaoi of any kind though as that was what got me kinda into cosplay.

Ja ne~


This box is for artwork I love and I want to show everyone their work to give the artist more traffic. Yaoi naruto neji by manolo-kun Kuran Kaname:Come to me... by Nai-najo:thumb110125950:

Most likely my next convention will be Ikasucon next year. Also for all of you that want to know I have been toying with the idea of doing a white mage cosplay. If you think I should do a different one take my poll and comment.



*CSS by BaB-Jane
*Art by Alasse-Tasartir
*Brushes by Coby17
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September 16, 2009