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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 27, 2010, 11:48 PM

Okay everyone I am going out of my mind!  I recently found a manga that I absolutely love!  It's a yaoi manga for all of you interested but the title of this amazing work of art is Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata.  I fell in love with the characters Uru and Ark.  Well I need some help people that have read it or have access to some reference pictures.  There are a total of about 7 good pictures in the manga but only one good picture of Ark in the outfit I personally like better.  I need to find pictures people!  Anyone that knows where these pics are will have my eternal gratitude!

Onto better news!  I am getting so excited for my two cons this year and I am gonna be so happy to see :iconshonenjumpfan: :iconwolveblade: possibly well hopefully on my part since they were so sweet to me and all at ACross last year and they can make it.  :iconuchiha-sakura: :iconartumemoon: I know :iconuchiha-sakura: will be at ACross this year and I think :iconartumemoon: too.  But the people I am most excited to see at ACross2010 would have to be my Sasu :iconlordoffireviii: and her guy :iconsimonarrow359: are planning to come for the Saturday.  Right now I am kinda fretting on ACross more than Ikasucon though since I will be debuting a new cosplay and :iconlordoffireviii: and :iconsimonarrow359: are doing cosplays from the same series, but I am worried as I am gonna have a prop and it's the height of me but slender but I'm not sure it will be allowed since the con page keeps changing the rules on props.  Hopefully I can take it in but I'm not sure at the moment.  

Well I'll let you all go now as I take go about looking at reference pics.

My next convention will be Ikasucon 2010, so anyone going I'll be there on the Saturday, July 15th, as Sage Naruto. I'm going to a new convention on September 25 2010 to Anime Crossroads!



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*Brushes by Coby17
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Wolveblade Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
I cant wait to see you at Ikasu too. ^.*
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March 27, 2010