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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2009, 4:06 PM

Hey everyone!  I've finally decided to post up how things went at Anime Crossroads.  Also I need to have opinions on something as well okay?

Well I had a blast and I met a few people at the con too.  And even ran into a few people that I have seen at previous conventions.  The con itself was a bit small but it being the first year I didn't expect much but it was a lot more to it than I thought it would be though.  I even ran into a few people I knew from high school if you can believe it.  The only complaint I had was the badge system, for a one day pass it was a sticker and had problems with it the entire time.  One of my fave purchases was a yaoi lover badge!  If you guys want to know what it says let me know and I'll let you know.

All right as for my request of help that I need...I've been looking at my newest pictures and for some reason they look a little blurred or pixelated...I need people to tell me if it's me or not...if you have some knowledge on cameras and the like your opinions will be greatly appreciated.

This box is for artwork I love and I want to show everyone their work to give the artist more traffic.

Nezumi-chuu= Prince Freyjadour of Falenas by Nezumi-chuu

DiaryDream= Miko cosplay by DiaryDream

My next convention will be Ikasucon next year, so anyone going I'll be there on the Saturday as Sage Naruto as of right now. I want everyone to know I'm going to do an L cosplay as soon as I get my shirt and wig. However I need some feedback on new animes and games you think I can pass on a character I favor guys more than girls and if you don't know why, just ask and I'll give you a hundred different reasons. But there are a few girls that I would willingly do though, just suggest the right one. Here's the biggest news though! I'm going to a new convention on November 21 to Anime Crossroads!



*CSS by BaB-Jane
*Art by Alasse-Tasartir
*Brushes by Coby17
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