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Journal Entry: Fri May 8, 2009, 11:33 AM
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I've been working on some cosplays as of late and I'm almost done with a couple.  I have to wait to finish up one jacket since I had to lengthen the pattern and all so I had no idea what so ever how much lining I'd need since I had like twenty yards of black fabric.  My sewing room was a mass of fabric I swear!!  It took me and two other people to get it under control!  But my friend who's more of an artist than me drew on my bag for me so at least that is done.  So most likely a in another two weeks I'll be done completely with this one cosplay and then I can move onto Naruto's sage jacket.  

I've been thinking about doing an Ichigo cosplay but I haven't had any luck on finding any patterns that will not need major altering to, since I've never like took pieces away or the like.  This is my first time sewing a jacket after all.  

I'm very proud of myself though!  I'm usually a huge ass procrastinator but this time I'm gonna have things done months in advance!  Even though I'm going to have it done I'm not posting up any pictures of this cosplay though.  So the very first time it will be debuted, from my sewing line that is, is at the con I am going to this summer.  I still wish that :iconlordoffireviii: would be there along with all the people I met at the con last year but this con is a state away so nothing anyone can do about it.  Oh yeah for those that remembered me complaining about not being able to find got2b...I found some at an out of the way shop....and was able to get two of the three things I needed.  I'm gonna hold off on the wig styling though since it's gonna be Naruto/Minato wig and I don't want the spikes to be affected in a negative way.  I think that's it for this update though...

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May 8, 2009